Source code for zfit.core.dependents

#  Copyright (c) 2020 zfit
import abc
import itertools
from typing import Iterable

from ordered_set import OrderedSet

from zfit.core.interfaces import ZfitDependentsMixin, ZfitObject
from zfit.util import ztyping
from zfit.util.container import convert_to_container

[docs]class BaseDependentsMixin(ZfitDependentsMixin): @abc.abstractmethod def _get_dependents(self) -> ztyping.DependentsType: raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def get_dependents(self, only_floating: bool = True) -> ztyping.DependentsType: """Return a set of all independent :py:class:`~zfit.Parameter` that this object depends on. Args: only_floating (bool): If `True`, only return floating :py:class:`~zfit.Parameter` """ dependents = self._get_dependents() if only_floating: dependents = OrderedSet(filter(lambda p: p.floating, dependents)) return dependents
@staticmethod def _extract_dependents(zfit_objects: Iterable[ZfitObject]) -> ztyping.DependentsType: """Calls the :py:meth:`~BaseDependentsMixin.get_dependents` method on every object and returns a combined set. Args: zfit_objects (): Returns: set(zfit.Parameter): A set of independent Parameters """ zfit_objects = convert_to_container(zfit_objects) dependents = (obj.get_dependents(only_floating=False) for obj in zfit_objects) dependents_set = OrderedSet(itertools.chain.from_iterable(dependents)) # flatten return dependents_set