Source code for zfit.constraint

#  Copyright (c) 2019 zfit

from .util import ztyping
from .core.constraint import SimpleConstraint, GaussianConstraint
import tensorflow as tf

__all__ = ["nll_gaussian", "SimpleConstraint", "GaussianConstraint"]

[docs]def nll_gaussian(params: ztyping.ParamTypeInput, observation: ztyping.NumericalScalarType, uncertainty: ztyping.NumericalScalarType) -> tf.Tensor: """Return negative log likelihood graph for gaussian constraints on a list of parameters. Args: params (list(zfit.Parameter)): The parameters to constraint observation (numerical, list(numerical)): observed values of the parameter uncertainty (numerical, list(numerical) or array/tensor): Uncertainties or covariance/error matrix of the observed values. Can either be a single value, a list of values, an array or a tensor Returns: `GaussianConstraint`: the constraint object Raises: ShapeIncompatibleError: if params, mu and sigma don't have the same size """ return GaussianConstraint(params=params, observation=observation, uncertainty=uncertainty)